One of the popular services of the company is our proposal for a special wine branding and customizing labels for all special occasions.

Our team of professionals Wine & Art is available to create your custom labels. Our design team can create your custom design or you yourself can develop their labels and send them to us for production and printing.

How can you use wine with custom labels :

 - business
 - for corporate events
 - for special occasions

In business :

 - Imagine your logo on a bottle of fine wine ;
 - Customize this message, so that it bears your name, business information , slogan ;
 - Include interesting highlights from your business so that you get your customers to talk about you to other potential customers;

Traditional forms of advertising allows you to deliver your message in front of potential audience for short periods of time. While a bottle of wine with your message on it will be referred to your home or office from your customers. Will continue to promote your message for days , weeks, months even .

Corporate events : is to organize your next corporate event ? Are not you tired of seeing over and over again the same products at these events?

Why do not trust the team Wine & Art to create for you a unique wine with a personalized label for your special corporate event !

Our team will help you properly celebrate your next corporate meeting , picnic , seminar or exhibition with wine bottles customized so to promote the event.

Guests of your event will be surprised and delighted to see your business information printed on the bottle from which they drink .

Special cases: Each one of you can customize the labels to mark your special dates and holidays. Imagine choose your unique personalized wine for your wedding and a few bottles in reserve to open their anniversaries.

Next family meeting can be properly marked with a family photo printed on a special bottle of wine. What a creative way to announce the birth of your child , or to surprise someone special on their holiday.

Imagine a special wine with a unique personalized label of your:

 - wedding
 - birthday
 - collection
 - Graduation or prom
 - family celebration
 - Christmas gift
 - anniversary

We will help make your special events !

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